Sharpen AI Update Issues

Having issues with Sharpen AI not updating. It will prompt me, but nothing happens after that. Sharpen AI stays open. I’m currently running version 1.4.1

You need to download the installer from the website. When in Sharpen go to Help>Changelog and you’ll see a link to download it.

Thank You! Much appreciated

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Hi, sorry to hijack, but I cannot see a way to post a question in the forums. I see you are a “leader” and thought it would be ok to ask you how to start a thread or ask a question? Thanks.

Can’t you see a blue circle with a white + at the bottom right of your screen. Hovering over it gives the button ‘New Topic’. Is that what you’re looking for?

PS: not on this page, but on the ‘higher’ page (Product Technical Support)

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No, there appears to be an infinite scroll option that means I never get to the bottom of the screen. I certainly can’t see a new topic button or + blue button. Oh, it just appeared after I made this post.

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You can keep scrolling but on my iMac 27-inch screen the button remains at the same position, bottom right of the screen on the main page, e.g. of Product Technical Support.

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Hello and welcome!
I have updated your permissions to include the ability to create a new topic. Typically our security settings require you spend a certain amount of time interacting with the forums before elevated permissions are automatically granted.