Sharpen AI - Update Installer issues

Seems to be a problem with the Update installer on Windows …

Seems to be a issue with the update installer, download the full installer from here:

But after that there is a check for updates error:


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Perhaps a good idea to ignore the invitation to update at the moment

I believe it is OK, and the speed improvements are worth it.

So based on that I tried the update.
Sadly it failed in the same way as you described at the start of this thread.

Even more sadly, after downloading the off line installer and running that, whilst Sharpen AI will now open, a check for updates brings up the Network error message.

Thankfully I have a full disk image taken when I first saw this thread, so I can go back to where I was.

As I said you don’t need to check for updates because I said it would fail.

Gave you the link to download the installer and it works very well when that is installed. The latest version also.

Then no need to check again after install as you are on the lastest version. :slightly_smiling_face:

Understood Don, but perhaps the check for updates Network error may come back to bite when its time for the next update.

I’ve chosen to restore my system drive from an image taken earlier today, so am now back happily running with Sharpen AI 1.3.1.

I’ve raised a ticket though as requested by the error message. #192099

Don I got bitten when I tried to update not knowing there was the install problem I would be faced with. On my computer speed is not a big issue.

I wonder if these new AI libraries that this version says it included will produce noticeably better results / less artifacts. I’m thrilled often by some of the results I’ve gotten but I find I have to watch closely or artifacts can easily be introduced running the slider a little too far to the right. Stabilize can do wonders but also easily produces terrible artifacts if you are not careful. Focus for the most part has not been help of much for me.

I also an error message darning the installation, I hit the Ignore button and it continued to install. Sharpen AI opened and is working.


It may well do and I haven’t had any previous issues with artifacts. This model update the AI is trained with an improved algorithm and for Focus and Stabilize mode, it produces much sharper images than previous versions.

I have automatically updating my AI Topaz products, but the latest 1.4 is proving problematic
It takes forever to load and is almost unusable at this point.
Can I go back to the previous edition.

Just raise a help request at the Topaz Labs Website and they should be able to provide a link for you. make sure you provide your PC operating system and confirm that you meet the technical requirements as described here:

For those of you getting the 99 error when clicking Check For Software Updates in Sharpen 1.4.0, could you try the same menu item in Studio 2 if you have it and let me know if it tells Updates or No versus some error code?

Reason I ask, is that Studio 2 uses a slightly different in app update mechanism and if it works it gives us a pretty good indicator of what the root cause of the 99 error is.

@AiDon @Greyfox

Studio 2 tells me no updates available.

Awesome thanks!

One more thing:
Are you able to browse to these links (if successful you will see some xml - these are used by the sharpen updater)

No problems I can view the XML.


Studio 2.0.12 check for updates OK (advised there was an update available)
Studio 2.0.13 installed - subsequent check for updates OK (advised none available)

Also am able to view both XML files in Firefox

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Thanks Greyfox!

Thanks AiDon!