Sharpen Ai Update 1.1.1 Lines on Images

That’s a good finding. What is the dimension of the original image after gigapixel? Did you try the new installer? if not download it from here

If you still see the problem, Please send me the log file and the original image using the instructions mentioned here

Wow! This worked great! The Windows link took me 3 tries, but it did eventually download, and everything I tried so far has worked perfectly. The images that before had the distortion, now do not.

The dimensions of the gigapixel were 7x5 and 6x4, It didn’t make a difference.

Many thanks!

Hi Don, glad to know that it solves at least one problem. We will also keep eye on the other issue you mentioned. Thanks for your feedback.

Did you get the lines even after using the new installer from here?
Does this happen for some specific setting or any setting?

Great. Very glad it works for you. Keep using this version for now, and let us know if you see those kind of line on any images. We’ll add this fix in the release version soon. Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Nope I will try the patch installer when I get back home later today.

The AI Sharpen pictures were all at the program default settings when starting AI Sharpen up (all sliders in the middle?).

Try to use this link to download the MAC installer.
Let me know if it fixes the issue. Thanks a lot for testing.

Thanks Partha. It looks great and I think it processed a bit faster. So far looks great with two of the images that had issues. If anything else shows up I will let you know.


Exactly same bug (line (or “echoes”) to left of the picture.
In old version (1.0.9), not this bug, perfect before.
And i not found how downgrade to 1.09 , i check with succes your beta 1,1,2t

Congratulations, install is well for me (win version) , and i have’t this horrible “echoes” at left.

The new button “cancel” is a good idea.
Good idea for Medium, High, low in cursor setting in “Jpeg quality”

Some others remarks for future news versions if you want ?:
Keep his settings (save) exemple when runs after other session
in “stabilise” keep “stabilize” mode
In per exemple the cursor level in “Remove blur” if i set in 90, keep this 90 (and not 50 when re-runs after )
Same for alls others cursors

Have button of choice for KEEP and SAVE the exifs basics (Optics name, iso, exposure time, flash, etc…) with the picture when save him .


Yes using the BETA eliminated the lines on the rhs of my pictures using AI Sharpen.


Topaz Studio Ver: 1.1.2t
Operating System: Windows 10 (10.0)
Graphics Hardware: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB/PCIe/SSE2
OpenGL Driver: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 419.35
CPU RAM (MB): 16336
VRAM [Total, Used] (MB): 6144, 5779
Preview Limit (Pixels): 8000