Sharpen AI Trial stopped working


I downloaded the trail to Sharpen AI and it worked up until 2 days ago, I loaded it on 9/13 so I should still have 17 more days to the trial, now it won’t open either as the standalone nor as the (PS Plugin), it worked fine up until then.

When you try to open as a standalone do you get a message?

Have you updated your Operating System within the last 2 days? Or using a Beta OS?

AiDon, nothing when I click on the program, I get a Topaz alert box in PS filter (normal), but it doesn’t open form there either. (You are invoking a Topaz plugin…). There was a cumulative update preview for the net framework for Windows 10 v1909 KB4576947 on 9/26…that could be the culprit not sure. The timing would be right.

The only think I can recommend then is to reinstall, I am not sure if the .NET would have affected it but my PC is on v.2004.

If that doesn’t help please raise a support request at the main website, make sure you let them know that you are trialing the product.

I updated to Windows v2004 and still cannot open both Sharpen AND now Denoise, I tried uninstalling, but the folder for the Plugins won’t let me delete the plugins, saying I need administrator priv, I am signed in as admin, only myself, so i can’t figure out what’s going on, I may ask for a refund since i can’t use the product. It won’t even uninstall in Programs and software program.

Sounds like there was an issue with the Windows update. Seems that the update affected your permissions which may affect your access to folders. If you right click on those affected folders and go to the security panel it will display what access your user id has.

Just a dumb question but are you using the same user id as when you installed the apps?

If so please raise a support request at the main website they may be able to login to your PC and help.

I downloaded my purchased version of Denoise, and it will not let me install it, funny that my programs still show Ai Sharp with the Denoise logo…I’ve tried uninstalling this 3 times, says it was uninstalled, but still there. Until i get this sorted, how do i request a refund as I am unable to use the program?

If you read my post above I have asked a couple of questions …

You also say: “I tried uninstalling, but the folder for the Plugins won’t let me delete the plugins”, what do you mean by Plugins, are you talking about the Photoshop plugin folder?

If you are on a MS Surface there is an issue with the screen drivers that another thread gives a solution.

I have asked other questions that you should answer. If not just raise a support request.

**AiDon, I created a support ticket and will let them figure out the issue. All I know is that as long as I have folders remaining on my system, it will not complete the setup. And I can’t delete the 3 folders that are giving me issues because of an administrator issue-I changed the permissions and it still won’t work. The “body” of the software is gone, as that got uninstalled. It’s the few folders it left behind and the folder denial access issue now to deal with.

Exact same problem with trail version. Absolutley nothing happens when i try to open it off the desktop or as a plug in through Lightroom. A support message was never returned. Any thoughts on what to do? I have other Topaz products which i can use without an issue including Studio, Adjust 5 V.5.20

Did you check on your Account at Topaz to see if the trial has expired or did it not start al all after install?

Also please describe your computing environment, I especially want to know the version of the OS you are using, the amount or RAM, and the GPU model or models if you have more than one.

Note if you have Studio 2 installed you can copy the information from the Graphics info. entry in the Help Menu

Thank you for your response.
it’s a brand new trial attempt. When i double click on the app, i get a brief blip than nothing at all. When i try and open it as a LR plug in absolutely nothing happens. It’s not open in task manager either. Here is the info from the Help button - Graphics information

Topaz Studio Ver: 1.14.5

Operating System: Windows 10

Graphics Hardware: Intel(R) HD Graphics 630

OpenGL Driver: 3.3.0 - Build

CPU RAM (MB): 24479

VRAM [Total, Used] (MB): 1500, 1200

Preview Limit (Pixels): 3466

Please raise a support request as, even though you don’t meet the minimum requirements, it should work as you have a HD630. Do you have a high performance GPU also, for example NVIDIA or AMD?

Note system requirements are listed here:

Yes I downloaded the IOS update on my imac and thats when it quit showing up as a plugin and isnt working stand alone either.