Sharpen AI technical problem

Unable to delete a processed file. Here are the steps I use:
Open SHARPEN AI > Open an Image > Select “Focus” with settings of 90 blur/80 Noise > Save As > Save > Image gets processed > Close.
Now I am going to reprocess the processed file again. > Open an Image > this time I will use the “Sharpen” option and use settings of 50/50 > Save As > Save > Image gets processed again > Close.
Now I go to the Folder containing the processed files. Select the first file processed (the one that was processed with the “Focus” option. I want to delete it and get a message “The action can’t be completed because the file is open in Topaz SHARPEN AI”. Looking at SHARPEN, it does not appear to be there. SHARPEN is ready to open another File. The only way I can make the deletion is to close SHARPEN AI. To avoid having to open and close SHARPEN AI, I actually opened another file and was prepared to process it - When I returned to the file I am trying to delete - I got the same message again. I am using a Windows10 64bit.

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This issue - not releasing the file-lock - is not unique to Sharpen AI on Win-10. I encounter this not infrequently with other apps, too. It’s not clear if the app is not posting the file-close or Windows hasn’t cleared the app request. If I cannot get around it I just close the app and move on. Bottom-line is I wouldn’t hold my breath for this to change.

This problem started with the latest updates to Sharpen AI, Denoise AI, and Gigapixel AI. I submitted the bug to Topaz, they acknowledged it, and said they would look into it.

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Thank you for your prompt replies. It’s a relief knowing that I’m not alone.
BTW - I only encountered this problem when I run a file through the process twice. I thought I might point that out in case it slipped by. Thanks again,

Same problem here. :slightly_frowning_face: This started happening after the latest updates.