Sharpen AI Subscription reverts to Trial?

I have several Topaz products. Opening Sharpen AI today says that it expires today and asks me to renew. My installed version is 3.3.1, while the current version is apparently 3.3.5. The expiration notice says that, if I don’t renew, I need to downgrade to version “v”. BUT I HAVE 3.3.1 installed, which was installed prior to today. AND 3.3.1 now says that it is a TRIAL version and will include that on any image I try to sharpen. <???>

  1. If I had 3.3.1 installed prior to expiration, why do I need to download to some other version?
  2. Why is this now a TRIAL version?
  3. How do I get rid of the trial version stamp if I don’t wish to renew Sharpen AI?
  4. There is no active link to version “v” AND what IS that exactly? (I should be able to stay on 3.3.1…or even 3.3.4 if it was released before my renewal date of today.)

3.3.5 was released in December so you’re definitely entitled to use it - and would be even if it was released after your renewal date. In the first instance I suggest you check that you’re logged in properly (if you haven’t already). If that doesn’t help then you’ll need to raise a support request on the main Topaz site - it sounds like there’s a glitch with their authentication process.

Thank you, Paul. Just heard back from Topaz tech support and they confirm that I’m eligible to keep versions all the way up to 3.3.5. They say there was a bug in previous versions up to 3.3.4 which mistakenly converted to trial versions on the upgrade expiration date. They included a link to 3.3.5 which I’m in the process of installing now. I’m a Topaz fan (although will probably not upgrade from this version for the moment) and have deNoise, Adjust and Studio as well. Have also turned literally dozens of my friends into Topaz customers.

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