Sharpen AI Saving files

In Sharpen AI, where do all my saved files go?
I just bought the bundle, but Every time I save a File I cannot find it anywhere. Tried at the same place the original came from and tried a custom folde. It does it the first time, but next time I save a file, even with a different name, it goes to the abyss.

Have a look in the preferences to see where you are trying to save it. Remember that it will only save as when you use as a standalone.

Calling from another application such as Lightroom etc. will update the image you sent.

RAW files can’t be sent from another application or by using edit in such as from the file explorer/finder.

Thank you, I am using it as a standalone, but for some reason, when I tell it to save the file to a specific place it won’t.

I even created a Topaz Folder in my Desktop as a destination and it wont even create it.

There is no prompt for location in Preferences

I have the same question. I load a file from desktop. Make modifications. Accept it and the file is processed, the application closes and have no idea where the processed file went or what format it was written in.

Your mention of the word accept suggests you’re opening images by either dragging them onto the app’s icon or by right-clicking and selecting open with. Using either of those methods will open any of the AI apps in plug-in mode which means nothing will happen with raw files (though the app appears to be processing) and with non-raw images the input file will be overwritten. You need to open the app and drag your images into the main window or go to File>Open.

Ok. That works. It makes no sense (as no other program that I know of opens a file from a right click in ‘plug-in’ mode), but it works. Thanks.

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