Sharpen AI Photoshop Plugin: not working with PS created TIFF images

When I load a .tif file from my Canon 5DII into Photoshop and try to use the Sharpen AI plug-in, the latter is grayed out. Is there a fix for this?

BTW, the stand-alone version works fine with the original CR2 file, but I want to apply it to photos that I have already post-processed in PS. I am using the latest versions of Sharpen (4.1) and PS.


Make sure you have selected the layer to send in PS before invoking the Sharpen AI filter.

Hi Don,
Thanks for this suggestion. I just retested, making sure that the proper layer was selected. Sharpen was still not available for this file. Now I tried with another .tif file from the same camera, and it WAS available for that file.

Raise a support request at the main website then, making sure you attach the TIFF file that won’t open.

From what software was the TIFF produced?