Sharpen AI not working in batch

See my help ticket here… I am getting a bit tired of explaining this… this bug was confirmed by one of your moderators when I first posted this in a forum.

From that link above, what I wrote there:

Thank you for the video but that is only one minor issue (returning to LR)… the thing still does not work… please examine my description in more detail… BTW, that video shows the major bug perfectly.

The issue is not just returning to LR… that is minor. The biggest issue, that renders this product UNUSABLE to me, is that when I select multiple files in LightRoom, Select EDIT ORIGINAL, it goes to Sharpen and creates a new file for each file there… and NOT editing the TIFF original as I specified. I don’t want it to create a new file, I want it to edit the TIFF in LR. I will create the final JPG from LR with my watermark and other sizing items from LR.

To explain further, when I go back to LR, the TIFF has not been sharpened (and the new file I don’t want is not even there). This works fine for DeNoise AI.

Your video you sent to me shows the bug perfectly as the person is lastly examining the new files created in a browser, not back LR as it should, as it work with DeNoise … it should NOT be creating these files, but editing the ORIGINAL as I selected. DeNoise works perfectly like this… Sharpen AI works very differently and is, as I understand it, not supposed to do this.

BTW, When I invoke Sharpen AI… for a single photo from LR… it behaves totally differently and does not create a new file from withing Sharpen. It works as advertised. It is the batch processing that is hosed up.


I removed the link because it is a help ticket you raised and no one else has access to your personal account.

In not sure what you are trying to achieve here. Has support acknowledged your issue?

I am disappointed with their response… so I thought maybe I was in the wrong place. Their first response was to give me a link to the instructions page… um… not good. Then they gave me a video that describes how to use the software… again… really not good. They did admit they had a bug in that the software does not return automatically to LR… but that is not the real issue. So… I decided to post in another place… I don;t know what to do… they just don’t seem to … i dunno. They seem to think it is my fault… it is not.

Thank you for your help…


Hi Adam, @adam.mains Could you have a look at this please.

Bruce I agree that the batch processing is not working. If I work on one image everything is ok. More than one and the images are in the queue and appear to be processed but Sharpen does not close and when you go back into lightroom you are looking at the original Tiff with no changes. Have raised a ticket, I am still on trial. but this is a must for me to buy the software.

Hi Dale, yep there is a problem…

I am working through it though… if you apply masking, to limit the application of sharpening, you end up doing it one at a time anyway. It still is as serious bug, but I can live with it for now.

For example, I am currently doing bird photography… nice to have blurry backgrounds and therefore I don’t want sharpening applied to that area.

Bruce in Philly