Sharpen AI not updating ownership after update

OK, so why is my free to me because I already own “In Focus” now telling my my trial period is over and I need to buy it?

Have you clicked on “update product ownership” from the Help menu? Also, you need to be signed in using your Topaz credentials.

I had to purchase it with a coupon that erased the charge. Not sure but it should show a coupon in their website when you opt for the download and are logged into your account. Sorry I could not remember more of the details…

I’ve tried that but didn’t work, when it asks me if I want to purchase it or already own it I click on already own it, it then asks me for my e-mail and pass word, when I enter them and press return it thinks for a while then goes back to the first screen.

Yep! That’s how I got it originally, been working fine 'till today.

Sounds like you’ve done all the right things. Please log a support ticket.

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Did you log into your account to see all your purchases? Mine shows up as two entries one was a trial and the other a purchase with zero cost. Sorry your having this problem…