Sharpen AI - Need installers for previous versions

As can be seen in the attached screen shot, Sharpen AI’s noise reduction slider is having no apparent effect on the noise clearly evident in the image. I believe this may be since the most recent update to 2.1.7, but can’t be sure, hence would like to be able to try some earlier versions.

I’m getting the same result when using both GPU and CPU, with both RAW and TIFF files

For comparison see the results from Denoise AI

Please raise a support request at the main website or see the individual release versions in the Product Releases section of this forum where v2.0.5 is available as the last in the 2.0.x series.

@Greyfox I still have version 2.1.5 and tried your original image (screen capture) using the same settings you had. While there was some noise reduction the results were about the same. I think the NR is not AI in Sharpen and this image has a lot of noise. I would run it through Denoise AI first. Here is my result below.


I have downloaded 2.0.5 and done some tests. The results are virtually identical to those obtained from 2.1.7, so it isn’t a problem introduced in the most recent version, but has obviously been the case for some time. I’ve obviously not noticed the lack of noise reduction in Sharpen AI because I would normally have used Denoise AI on it.

Perhaps Artisan-West is correct about the noise reduction in Sharpen AI not being AI, and I agree it is indeed a noisy photo, that’s why I was using it to check noise reduction. The photo was shot at ISO 3200.

I have raised a support request to get it on record.

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It looks like it increased saturation of red, and discoloured the white!
Perhaps it is just my eyes?

I’ve had a very quick response to my support ticket, and it basically confirms what @Artisan-West said.

The response was:
"For images like this, you will need to use DeNoise AI first to remove the noise.The noise reduction in Sharpen AI s not the same as DeNoise AI, and vice versa (Sharpen slider in DeNoise AI), and should be considered minor editors. These minor editors don’t use the AI processing models that the AI programs use. We include these options for users who need minor tweaking that doesn’t necessarily require the robust noise reduction of DeNoise AI, and vice versa, but where minor adjustments in another program may prove useful without disrupting the user’s workflow with two separate programs.

I guess I’m not the only one to have expected the noise reduction techniques to be similar in the two AI products, so it is good to have that misconception cleared up.

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