Sharpen AI missing from Lightroom Classic "Edit In" menu

I have the current version of Lightroom Classic on my iMac (Catalina). All of my Topaz AI programs appear under Photo > Edit In, except Sharpen AI.

I thought I could add the lrtemplate file to Lightroom manually - I do know where they go. For the other recent Topaz programs there is an lrtemplate file in the .app file package contents under Resources. However there isn’t one inside Topaz Sharpen Do you actually support Sharpen AI with Lightroom Classic? The website says you do.

Don’t you have to manually ADD an External Editor in Lightroom?

Not that I am aware. At least, I didn’t do it for any of the other Topaz apps. There is a setting under LR Preferences > External Editing, that specifies file choices for Photoshop and just one Additional External Editor. Currently the additional editor is set to Topaz Studio. I’ll try adding the Sharpen AI app there.

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Yes, adding it manually as an External Editor worked. Thank you!

I think the other Topaz programs ship with a .lrtemplate file and must copy that into Lightroom as part of the installation process. That small step is missing from Sharpen AI.

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Haven’t seen this issue currently. I’ll put it on investigation. Could you do us a favor and let us know what OS you’re using as well as your lightroom version?

Thanks TopazJosh. I’m using MacOS Catalina 10.15.2, and Lightroom Classic 9.1. Topaz Sharpen AI 1…4.5.