Sharpen AI, Masks, and "Auto"

If I mask a piece of an image before I click the “auto” toggle to ON, does this mean that Sharpen AI’s calculation of the amount to sharpen will be based ONLY on the masked area?

No masking is just for selective application of the sharpening.

The red means it will be sharpened and the mask actually generated is on the bottom using the black/white standard.

Thanks! I already understood that the mask was for selective sharpening. What I wanted to understand was whether it was possible to constrain the area to which the calculation of automatic sharpening would apply. I have frames which are 90% or more water and the rest bird. I hoped it would be possible for the AI only to consider the latter’s sharpness. But you say that is not the case?

Yes for Auto it evaluates the whole image. But that gives you a starting point where you can adjust manually.