Sharpen AI - I'm not happy

When I bought into Sharpen AI, you must have been changing your business model. I bought thinking I would not have to pay for upgrades. Now you are asking me to pay for a new version.

  1. I feel a little bait and switch is going on.
  2. Version 2 was VERY buggy. It did not feel like a properly engineered product. It crashed frequently and now I am being asked to pay for the version 3 engineering that should have been in 2.
  3. The user interface is poor to say the least. Again a lack of solid engineering.
  4. Of the many photos I have processed, only 2 or 3 really benefited from the sharpening that I was able to achieve. Maybe my lack of skill/underdstanding is the cause. But your promo shots from before and after are fantastic. So either you are cherry picking your images, or I have failed to understand how to get the most out of you product. If the former, then shame on you. If the latter, then I have to say shame again for selling me a product whose interface I can’t figure out. And that is saying something as their is so LITTLE interface to understand.
  5. Now I am being asked to BUY a new version I thought I would never have to do. And buy it on the strength of my experience with Version 2, a half backed concept to start with.
  6. Finally you have squeezed me with a VERY short opportunity to but at a discount. That really goes a long way toward making me feel like a valued customer.

I agree with your post. I paid good money when I bought the software. Yes I have received several free updates, but to now have to pay again for the latest update seems a bit of a rip of. I really enjoy using it on my high ISO images but not at this expense.