Sharpen AI : How to remove auto processing? Photoshop plugin

Hi, I had to go back to an earlier Sharpen AI 2.2.4 (my favorite of the Topaz products), as when I press the plugin from my filters (Photoshop 22.3.0 in Mac OS Big Sur) it will go to Sharpen AI, but do the processing automatically copying the first one I had done that session. That can be a good thing, except that not every picture needs the same processing, I’d like to have a say on what gets done.
Please advise how to set it up that way, as the newer version does seem to run faster.

Simply turn it off …


If you are talking about the last used settings, they will be applied for the initial preview.

Thanks AiDon,
I do not mind that it applies the last used settings, sometimes that is fine; but then it doesn’t let me do anything else to change that and then goes back to Photoshop with the processed layer. I had the autos turned off.
I’ll give it another try (another install) and see if anything changes. Did not take a picture of the issue, but will if it keeps doing this.

Don’t use Ctrl/Cmd+f as using the last filter under PS goes to the filter and applies the last used settings before returning.