Sharpen AI does not save back to Lr, black "!" icon

Same problem for me after updating DeNoise. When I edit as a Lightroom Classic plugin it reimports it back into Lightroom with the warning ‘The file appears to be unsupported or damaged’ and I cannot export from Lightroom as a jpeg. Standalone app crashes on export and doesn’t save anything. Before this, I was experiencing issues that when this (and Sharpen) opened in Lightroom most time the image wouldn’t display and it would just be blank. So, I would have to close it (although it would exported a blank TIFF file to Lightroom which I would have to delete). Trying a second time the image would load into DeNoise and would work OK - until now!

I have the same problem after updating Denoise today. Lightroom files corrupted and not usable. How do I go back to the earlier version of Denoise?

That wont help Brian as I have already done that and no good still faulty

Same problem too after doing the latest update. Both Denoise and Sharpen AI are not working at all with Lightroom 6. The photos do not open from LR into the 2 Topaz programs.
I tried restoring my system to an earlier time before the updates but still have the same problem.
This is a major problem. It is frustrating and time consuming. Please get it fixed soon. Will think twice before allowing further software updates in future.

There is something fundamentally wrong with the whole update process if you cannot revert to a previous version and regain usability. It would appear that something changed in the update that does not get fixed when reverting to a previous version, surely that is bad programming. This would not be problem if each generation of update was easily downloadable on the website and you could be sure that you could revert confidentiality going forward. I would like to see as part of a change-log the corresponding files so it is possible to do that.

Fixed for me now, see other thread.

Uninstalled all Topaz products. Restarted PC. Installed 2.1.5 and 2.2.9. Restarted PC. Checked versions, opened Lightroom. Worked on new image and one that had previously been processed and all is ok now. I say that with fingers crossed.

Just used 2.1.5. All’s well, that’s a relief.

Well I’m glad it’s not just me. The strange part of this is DeNoise 2.2.8 tried to install last night and then an hour ago 2.2.9 hit. My problem sounds the same. I edit in, the file is edited in DeNoise, I click apply, the TIFF in Lightroom looks the same as the RAW file. I was getting the error message about a corrupt file so I created a new preset in Lightroom manually and that made the error go away but the file sent back to Lightroom still doesn’t have the Topaz edits applied. Come on Topaz. Address this issue now!!!

I uninstalled and found an installer for 2.2.2 but it has the same issue. Could it have to do with Lightrooms latest upgrade?

Sharpen 2.1.5 and Denoise 2.2.9 installed and appear to work OK.

I uninstalled everything again, re-installed 2.2.0, upgraded to 2.2.9, and now it seems to be working

So 2.2.9 was released last night after all the reports of issues with 2.2.8. Anyone install 2.2.9 and problem remains? I spent enough time yesterday troubleshooting the issue with 2.2.8 and eventually rolling back to 2.1.5 to get to a stable version.,

I hadn’t updated Sharpen yet, but I had the same problem with DeNoise. I installed the latest update for DeNoise and it solved the issue and now works as expected. So, I presume it’s the same for Sharpen.

Had the same ‘damaged files’ problems with 2.2.8. Today installed 2.2.9 and neither DeNoise nor Sharpen save the processed file back to Lightroom. I get exactly the same file I started with. Do they do any testing at all?

Just installed the latest updates for Sharpen and Denoise and both work now.
To Topaz software guys, please do rigorous tests to your updates internally before asking your users to update their software. This incident was really frustrating and disruptive for many of us.

Same here. Won’t save. Sharpen AI version 3.2.2.

Not saving when opening from Lightroom or when using the standalone app.
Tried running as admin. Tried reinstalling. Saving doesn’t work.
I’ve also tried 3.2.1 and 3.2.0.

Denoise AI version 3.2.0 saves successfully.

Any ideas?

No answer from topaz ai?! It starts in aug and 3 months later just silence.

For Sharpen AI please raise a support request at the main website.