Sharpen AI Does It's Thing

First image is cropped SOOC and second has Sharpen AI set at Focus 9060 (for the two sliders)


Nice result there …

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Very nice result. What does Focus 9060 mean? I’ve looked at the interface and … ??

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Dianne - I should have been clearer about that - 9060 indicates the percentages to which I have set the two sliders, 90% for remove blur and 60% for suppress noise.

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It worked well, Did you try AI Clear as a comparison?

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I did, and even when turned up max AI Clear didn’t come close to this, and changed the color as I took it higher.

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Nicely done …great results.

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I tried both on a picture that had pretty good focus already and my result for Sharpen was pretty close to the same. But its good to have both in the toolbox. Another picture with a person a little out of the focus distance, AI Sharpen recover them well but I didn’t try AI Clear.

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Some teething issues aside, and issues being fixed, when the software works as intended, the results are stunning. Not only is there a possible fix for images that didn’t turn out that well at capture time, even when the image did come out well, Sharpen AI turns structure into texture, subjects almost become tangble.

Like this crop from an unsharpened Raw conversion (with Capture One Pro version 12.0.2) of an older image I took of an eagle owl:

Which really became alive after Sharpen AI did its magic.
Settings used, Sharpen: 0.60 0.00 0.05

And this is before I’ve even applied Precision Contrast and Precision Detail.

Make sure you look at the crop at 100% zoom level.



How did you post the sample photos? I’d like to show something I tried but I don’t see an option to insert a photo.

WOW! That is impressive. Unless, the image was blindingly sharp to start…

Click reply then use this (in red circle) to upload from your computer. However don’t upload huge files, reduce them or crop .

excellent results, Bart

Thank you!


I saw someone post an out-of-focus pic on the forum and the result she got with Sharpen AI - Focus. It was amazing to me and even put in focus objects at different depths in the picture. I downloaded Sharpen AI 2 days and I’ve been testing it out to see what it can really do. So I tried this test and here are my results. This photo was taken at about 90 feet from the stop sign but the lens was set at 45 feet. The second pic is the result from Focus and I pushed settings to 1.00, 1.00, 0.0. Notice the no parking sign (which was a bit closer) came in reasonable sharpness correction but everything else further back is still poorly out of focus. I guess this shows the limits of what the software will do. I think it is constructive to show pictures like this as you can’t expect the software to work miracles all the time. Based on the other photo example I saw yesterday I thought my example would have worked but instead I showed things can be enough out of focus that AI does not sufficiently correct for it.

Flick Coleman

An impressive focus improvement.

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thanks very much, Eleanore