Sharpen AI - DNG output is messed up

Sharpen AI 4.1.0 when output is set to DNG image gets sharpen more than needed and brightness is set higher than on preview.

When export as JPG its all normal just like on preview.

When you open the DNG file, what application do you use? And do you have sharpening and other settings changed in that application?

What application are you using to look at the image?

I don’t. DNG’s as treated by TopazLabs always end up messing up color profiles. DXO DNG, unlike Topaz does not so that is what I use for DNG if I try to process it in Lightroom, Capture One etc. When working with Topaz, I don’t use DNG format because Topaz has not resolved the problems of color change . defeating the purpose of DNG. So I either use PNG, TIFF or JPEG to preserve colors.

I open in Photoshop to compare.