Sharpen AI desaturates colors

Hello all,
I’ve been using Sharpen AI for a while now, but in very many cases the resulting image has altered what were saturated colors (red comes to mind). They become so desaturated that the resulting image is unusable.
Even skin tones end up grayish.

I’m using Windows 10 on an ASUS computer (with an NVidia GPU).

Please specify the type of input file and the output settings.

Thank you for your reply AIDon.

The input file is a jpeg (from my Canon 5D Mk2)
The settings:

  • Processing mode= focus sharpen (, but this happens with stabilize as well)
  • Remove-blur=0.67
  • Suppress-noise = 0.28
  • Add-grain=0

Sorry, but I can not upload images, that’s what the forum software says.
But I uploaded sample image details to my Flickr account.

Ok, I just ran a JPEG through using the settings you had, on the left is the original and on the right is the Sharpen AI output … current version is 1.4.5, if you are using JPEG output make sure it is sRGB and /or you view in a color managed viewer.

When you say desaturated colors it leads me to believe you may be using ProPhotoRGB as the output ICC profile.

That solves my problem completely. Yes, I had not noticed that there was a color profile option in the save dialog box.

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