Sharpen AI, Denoise AI and Gigapixel AI can not be started

Hello, I have a problem with Gigapixel AI, Sharpen AI and Denoise AI. I have installed the trial version for testing. After installation, I can not start any of the programs. I immediately get an error message.

The application could not be started correctly. Click OK to close the application. (0xc0000005)

The programs do not work both under Win7 x64 and also Win 10 x64. Support has not answered so far. Who can help me?

Hi, can you give the exact error. It can be found in the Event Viewer application which will indicate the module causing the issue.

Also please run Dxdiag from the search box, save and attach the file here.

And do you use QT for development work?

Hi, thanks for your answer. I have attached the error logs of the Event Viewer and the Diagnostic DirectX. I hope that helps the diagnosis of the error in program execution.

I just get the message that I can not upload images. I’m sorry that I can not represent the error codes and logs.

My computer: HP ZBook 15 G2, 16 GB RAM, Win7 Optional Win10 (both on SSD in the removable drive). Nividia graphics card.

Make sure you update the driver for the GPU from the NVIDIA website and not from either the HP or Windows Update.

For the errors you don’t need to post images just copy the text from the Event Viewer application and post it here as you can do with the sections on the system and GPU from dxdiag.

I have summarized all the pictures with Windows messages in a gallery.

I would suggest that your GPU driver us not up to date.

Or it may be that the PC is using a custom Display Driver which should be changed to sRGB.

OK, I installed the latest NVIDIA driver. What and how I have to do with the display Driver I do not know.

That’s why Topaz is done for me. Luckily, these were trial versions and I did not throw money for nonsense out of the window.

Thank you for the effort. :slightly_smiling_face:

Like your OS is kept up to date you should keep drivers up to date as many applications depend on using the latest features of them. Especially your GPU in the case of Topaz products as the GPU is used for processing as it is so much faster than the CPU.

I have installed the device driver of the GPU on the latest possible state that NVIDIA offers on the official website. (See graphics in the link) That’s what I can do after my possibilities and sources.

Please excuse my rudimentary English, I come from Germany and my school has long been over.

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