Sharpen AI, DeNoise AI 3.0 Problems on my system

Every mode works in Sharpen AI 3.0.1 (since I installed latest RTX 2070 driver) however the GPU render though quicker is poorer quality than in 2.4.2 and the CPU render though marginally better than 2.4.2 is about 10-15X slower than 2.4.2.
In DeNoise AI all modes work with CPU without excessive time issues, but with the GPU the Low Light mode never completes the preview and effectively freezes the program (I have to close it thru task manager).
Please put the Auto Update preview switch back in the Main window in all your programs!!!

The newer version does not work well plus one cannot create a mask properly. The older version gave the customer full control of the process.

Are you referring to DenoiseAI, or Sharpen AI, and what exactly problems are you having with masking