Sharpen AI crashing when trying to launch

Hello community,

I got the following (known) issue but none of Topaz common support advice helps for me.

Everything was working fine during the last days, but from today on Sharpen AI kept crashing every 3-4 images at first and then did not open at all anymore. The program is launched for 1 second, I can see the bird, and then it closes giving out a Mac error note (“quits unexpectedly”…).

All other Topaz programs running fine.

I am using a Mac M1 Pro 32 GB.

  • Rebooting did not help.
  • Deinstalling and reinstalling did not help.
  • Updating from Ventura 13.4 to Ventura 13.5 did not help.
  • There are no Topaz plist files in my Library/Preferences at all so I cannot delete any…

Really irritated and hoping for support! Thanks!