Sharpen AI crash when saving

It may be there’s an answer elsewhere, but if so I haven’t found it. I have Win 10 and NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti.
Sharpen AI won’t save in “stabilize” mode. It goes through all the motions, then crashes without saving. Saving to original file location.

Please raise a Technical Support request at the main Topaz Labs website.

Don is right to report the details he suggested.

Odd that it’s crashing selectively.

Did you make any changes to the “processing” option Preferences in your File menu (File > Preferences) in the Sharpen AI interface to see if that helped at all?

You could test using the program on CPU vs GPU (which will be slower to process in an already slowish processing program).

Before you do that try either “medium” or “low” settings in the memory allocation option (Allowed graphics memory consumption) right below that to see if that solves your problem. Some computer processors seem to allocate memory differently and crash with several of the AI products. Good luck!

Here’s a snip from my preferences settings b/c I was having crashing problems at one point: