Sharpen AI changes in Save dialogue

Hi everyone.

First post here so apologies if I’m breaking any posting rules.

Ive been using Sharpen AI for a few months now and all is good. Yesterday and today though, when I finish running an image from Lightroom Classic CC through Sharpen AI I’m met with a Save dialogue I’ve never seen before and it is adding extra clicks to save the image.

When I’m happy with the result I click Save Image and a dialogue box pops up. I can just click Save Image on this box, but doing so saves an unchanged image back to Lightroom. To save the changes I first. have to select Overwrite/Return File to Editor, then tick a box asking if I’m sure I want to do this blah blah blah then finally I can save the image back to Lightroom with changes intact.

I’ve never had to go through this rigmarole previously and I’m wondering if something has changed with a recent update or if I’ve inadvertently changed something myself.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.