Sharpen AI Batch mode

The only time I can use the batch mode in Sharpen AI is right after an upgrade. I use it once then when I go to use it again and want to Sharpen say 5 photos, I have to do them individually. Since I purchased the program it has upgraded 3 times. Each time I could batch mode right after the upgrade but only once.
I love the product but it’s getting frustrating.

Make sure that you don’t use Sharpen AI it by opening directly from the installer … exit the installer and start Sharpen AI again as it is an issue with the UAC as the installer uses elevated rights for the install.

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You may also want to provide details of your PC , OS, RAM, GPU, dedicated vRAM etc., etc.

OK, so v2.0.5 has problem with batch processing as a plugin. I’ve chosen edit original (TIFF previously edited in DeNoise) and processed files and Sharpen wants me to choose prefix, suffix, location (why? I clicked “Edit original”). They don’t show up in Lightroom after that, Sharpen Ai is still running and doing nothing and I have to synchronize folder to show new edited photos which don’t have pick up flag enabled (original tiff and raw had this feature on) so I have to find those 4 files I’ve edited in 400 other similar files and those files aren’t stacked with original raw like in single photo processing. It is easier to edit each photo separately.

For Batch Processing multiple images you need to select the destination file type and location. Then sync to Lightroom.

As for processing from Lightroom just use Save Image or File-> Accept rather than Save as. Sharpen AI works as a plugin does.

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This tutorial shows how it should work but it doesn’t. New files, edited in Sharpen do not show up in Lightroom next to original ones, Sharpen doesn’t close automatically and as I mentioned before, new files haven’t got white flag enabled like the originals have. Denoise doesn’t have this problem, batch processing works there as single file processing, everything is fine.

I am having the same problem with my test copy of Sharpen. 2.0.5 on iMac running 10.15.5, LRC 9.3

Any advice or insights on how to make the output of a batch process appear in LRC as it does when using Denoise?