Sharpen AI as a plugin for Photoshop?

I finally installed my complimentary copy of Sharpen AI, and tried it in freestanding mode. I have seen reference to the idea that it is also accessible in Photoshop. I see all my familiar Topaz plugins but can not find Sharpen.

How do I get access to Sharpen as a Photoshop plugin?

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The method of getting it installed into PS is there simply run it as a standalone and it will install itself as a plug-in.

The plug-in will appear as a entry in the Topaz Studio list of plugins.

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Does that mean I have to install Topaz Studio to use Sharpen AI as a plugin? I have the older Topaz plugins and have not installed Studio.

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My apologies, that should read Topaz Labs list of plugins and not the Topaz Studio list. It should already be there and look like this as in my copy of CS6:

Hi Don,
Thank you very much for this information.

Thank you!

FWIW, I connected my Photoshop CS6 Win7 x64 install to the Topaz Sharpen A.I. plugin by pointing Photoshop’s additional Plugins Folder to the C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs directory.

The last time I had to do that was way back with Topaz Labs DeNoise 5 so I found my additional folder was set to the C:\Program Files(x86)\Topaz Labs\Topaz DeNoise 5 directory.

I looked in my primary Photoshop plugins folder and see several shortcuts for my other Topaz Labs plugins, but for what ever reason a short cut such as that was not added with the Topaz Sharpen AI install, so I had to use the Photoshop additional folders preferences option to point to the plugin.

Thank you.

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HI Can you give exact instructions of how to point Photoshop’s additional Plugins Folder to the C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs directory? I am using Photoshop CS5.
Topaz is not listed under filters

The instructions are universal for any Photoshop plug-in that does not install in the default plugins folder:

Edit > Preferences > Plug-Ins > Additional Plug-Ins Folders > Choose

I have Photoshop CC and the AI Sharpen 1.0.5 does not automatically plug in to Photoshop, is there something I’m doing wrong?

Why v1.0.5? It is way out of date. Try running as a standalone, if not update to the latest.