Sharpen AI and colour profiles

Hi All - looking for some help please with colour profiles and Sharpen AI.
I shoot in RAW, then convert to DNG (Adobe RGB 1998)

I then import any required files into Sharpen AI. Goto save image using preserve source format saves as Adobe 1998 - - all good

But when I save as JPEG and select sRGB profile - when I open in photoshop it shows profile is Adobe RGB?

Sometimes i get an image which has the prophoto profile even though i havent selected it and the colour is really terrible.
Just seem to be having mixed results with the profile side of things - any ideas please?

ALso i might open 10 images and have the sharpen model and parameters on auto - let it work one image and then select all and save images,…I sometimes find it over sharpens or whatever and the fur around the dog looks too sharpened and not right - how do I back this off a bit for all images please?

thanks for any help folks…