Sharpen AI 2.2.4 OSx fails at startup

After few weeks of normal use, mostly via Lightroom, I am no longer able to use Sharpen AI, either from LR or as standalone application.
The program seem to start, but does not reach the point where it displays the main window. If I try to “open all windows” from the Mac taskbar, the desktop is cleared of all icons/windows and a blue frame appears until I click the mouse. Other Topaz applications such as Denoise do work regularly and seem not affected by the issue. I uninstalled and reinstalled SharpenAI a couple of times, but the problem is unchanged.
I did not change anything on my computer, nor installed any programs since the day I installed the topaz suite. I have an old Mac Mid 2011 running HighSierra.

Any suggestion is welcome. Thank you in advance

If you are on OS 10.13 or higher then raise a support request at the main website.

As 2.1.8 is the version for OS 10.12 or less you can try installing that to see if it works.

Thank you AiDon for your support. I’m on 10.13.6 but most important is that the program has been working for weeks since I purchased it, and I have not (knowingly) installed any update before the problem has started.
Actually the program starts regularly, but gets stuck somewhere before opening the main window. I am able to select “Quit” and it terminates normally.
Today I have raised a ticket about the issue. Hopefully I will get support in few days.

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