Sharpen AI 2.0.4 Plugin - Photoshop Experiment

I don’t want to just keep re-cycling processing my old photos until I can get out & get new shots again post Covid-19 pandemic.

This is my 1st attempt to try “alternative” photography and experiment a bit.

I went online, found a NYC CCTV website and grabbed some screen snips of the (very few) people out & about in midtown Manhattan today.

There are obviously tons less people than in normal times in midtown, as you can see in this snip. I watched a live, in-motion feed & grabbed one moment in time to freeze it. I saw the 2 cops crossing the street and the Black guy carrying the child coming toward them. At one point, they all stopped short to be sure a car coming toward them was going to stop where it should. Mostly everyone was staying the recommended distance from each other in light of the pandemic and NYC as an epicenter for it in the US.

In addition to the non-traditional image capture I used, I’ve done a lot of Photoshop tinkering with this image. Including making use of the latest version of Sharpen AI (with masking applied!).I wanted to create something moody and produce a NYC-looking vibe. I think, subconsciously, I was influenced by some of the work I’ve seen by a “photographer” (he’s almost most like a cinematic director…) by the name of Gregory Crewdson.

Anyway, this is what I came up with as a 1st attempt at something different, alternative and creative photographically (that taps Topaz products) to entertain myself while sheltered in place from the pandemic that’s ongoing … I’m titling it, “Venturing Out in NYC”:


Interesting! I would have removed all people besides the two guys in the middle (police?).
I had never heard of Gregory Crewdson. I looked at some of his photos on internet. Not so far away from Hopper paintings. There should be an exhibition with Hopper paintings going on here since Feb but of course everything is closed so I will miss this one.
Thanks for sharing! Peter

Interesting you say that. Because Hopper is one of my favorite artists. And, I do love works by people like Crewdson, Jeff Wall, Edward Burtynsky, Todd Hido…

I’ll go back in and noodle with Ps some more and take out all but the cops. Yes, that’s what they were… Cool idea. Makes more of the point of a quarantined state. Thx.

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BTW, has the “Showoff Spot” been closed as a forum?

It shows as greyed out and unable to “add a topic” on my PC.

Either that or someone thinks my stuff (let me not use my former NJ vernacular and just say…) ‘stinks’… and doesn’t want me to post my creations there. It’s where I went 1st with this image.

Here ya go… 2 Cops only on the street in midtown Manhattan. It was a gloomy weather afternoon shot when I started with the screen snip. But I like the feeling of nite better - b/c NYC is usually such an active, populated night scene place. Especially near Times Square.

Makes a better story with just NY’s finest; in light of the pandemic shutdown circumstances… and NYC being the epicenter for the USA.


Thanks @Fotomaker I actually like this better because it emphasizes more the emptiness of this place because of the Corona situation. Cheers Peter

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Out of curiosity why does your description of the people places emphasis on Race rather than emphasize what the viewer is looking at? The intent of the photo is awesome and as a viewer, I can see the skin tone differences but don’t think it is necessary to call attention.

The intent is to show the effects of the virus regardless of people who are visible within the scene since it affects all races. I simply would have said the “man carrying the child” as that could have been a man of any Race carrying a child. Had it been a man with the same skin tone as the officers, would you have said “the White man carrying a child”?


Not sure I know what you’re referring to…

I described how I captured the scene and who is in it since the capture mode made it difficult to tell what was what and blanked out some details that I couldn’t bring back in Ps - & took me a bit of studying to figure out & thought were important to understand as something other than blobs. Pls don’t partake if understanding the subject matter better is concerning to you & your sensibilities …

My goal is to explore alternative methods of photography in a time we’re shut indoors & also figure out interesting new ways to manipulate said images with Topaz tools while doing so. I refer to it as thinking outside the box while trapped inside the box.

Stay healthy.