Sharpen AI 1.4.2 Stabilize mode creates vertical stripes

Hi, I am new here and am testing the trial out version 2.17 of Sharpen AI. Unfortunately the vertical stripes are still visible in this newest version 2.17. If these stripes weren’t in the tool it would have been a great tool for me as I have to repair thousends of pictures, which suffer from a bad zoom lens, which caused the corners appearing like a motion blurr. I now have to stop my tests because the vertical lines introduce a new isue in these pictures which I do not want. From where can I download an older version of Sharpen AI, which did not produce the vertical stripes or in which version after 2.17 the vertical sripes are fixed?

This issue seems to be beyond the ability of Topaz to fix, given its longevity. I also will note that Sharpen AI crashes randomly with almost no provocation and has ever since I’ve owned it. Simply opening the app, checking for updates and then closing can cause a crash to happen. Fortunately the crashes that occur when processing images happen after the filtered image had been saved or passed back to Photoshop so no work is lost. It’s still annoying, especially given the large DMP files the crashes create.

Have you raised a support request at the main website about your crashes, it you haven’t don’t forget to include the logs?

Firstly go to Help-> Graphics info press Copy and paste the info here then open File-> Preferences and post the advance options here.

What processing mode and settings, i.e. Auto or manually assisting the sliders, are you using for your process as I would suspect you are trying to use Stabilize which won’t remove blur that isn’t motion induced.