Sharpen Ai 1.4.0

I had a problem with updating my Sharpen Ai to the newest version, and contacted Product Support. So they gave me the offline installer. I immediately got an error message (which I did not copy) but it said it couldn’t delete (the) cache. However it gave me the option to ignore it, so I did, and it then immediately installed, but without downloading anything!!

When I ran it, it seemed to run OK. However, the new option “Enable Intel Open Vino” is there but blanked out. I don’t know what generation my CPU is, but Speccy says below: (I don’t know how to interpret what it says)…

Specification Intel Core i7 CPU 960 @ 3.20GHz

So, should that new option be blanked out? If not, what should I do. ( I did request an answer to this from Tech support, but have not received an answer and it is over a week ago.)

Thanks for any answers.

I believe if you click Advanced in the settings it should be there. Otherwise you can click Reset to allow Sharpen to test and select the optimum processing combination.

A bit like my i5 760 yours AFAIK is 1st Generation and was launched in Q4 in 2009 so nearly 10 years old ‘technology’ :slight_smile:

The error you received is due to an earlier issue where OpenVINO’s cl_cache directory wasn’t laying down properly. For users in this situation that error is erroneous and won’t adversely affect the re-install as the directory will be correctly lain down.

Where is Advanced? I see File/Preferences, and this is where it is, except it is inactive and doesn’t let me do anything. Is there another place where “settings” is?

Sorry Advanced Preferences is in GiGapixel AI, in Sharpen AI you should see the following:


The Reset button under Processing will test your PC and set the correct options.

Thanks - but where in that line does it show that it is 1st Generation? This is a pretty mysterious line to me!:astonished:

Though I guess that is why the enable option is not available, since I believe it only works on Generation 6 and above.

So does this mean I don’t need to re-install?

Ah hah! I will go do that now. Thanks!!

I forgot to mention that your i7-960 is a legacy CPU and you won’t be able to use OpenVINO on it.

OpenVINO only supports 6th to 9th generation Intel Core and Intel Xeon processors and Iris Pro & HD Graphics

In talking with the Intel guys, it may in fact run ok with earlier CPU’s but they do not officially support prior to 6th gen. Use the “Reset” option under advanced in preferences and let the app benchmark your machine

I clicked the reset button, and nothing changed that I could see. Except that the reset button is now greyed out. I’m guessing it only works one time?

You need to run a image through Sharpen AI after clicking the Reset button, after the image has been processed the best processing option for your PC will appear in the Preferences and the Reset button will become active again.

Will the Apps Use More Than 4 Gig of Video Ram ?

Choose Low, Medium or High and Sharpen will use as much as it can.