Sharpen 3.3.1 telling me I have pay to continue using

I recently invoked Sharpen version 3.3.1 that I installed on Nov. 26, 2021 and am being told that I cannot use this version without watermarks as my license expired on Nov. 27, 2021. Seems to me that since I upgraded during my license period, I should not have to pay until my next version upgrade. Please advise.

Your support expiration would depend on your purchase date and/or when you upgraded your license, if I understand you correctly.

If those dates don’t line up correctly, in your opinion, I suggest you contact tech support by email @

Update: I sent an email to Topaz support and they informed me of a problem with their authentication server that had been repaired and to try invoking Sharpen again. I did and it appears that was the issue and the full Sharpen AI is back instead of the External Trial version.

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