Shapen AI 3.0.0 Upgrade Error

Receive error message “Error processing image, please try again. If problem persists try updating device drivers…” It does persist standalone or from Photoshop.

Also new user interface is completely dumbed down and removes all control.

Will be reverting back to previous.

OK…just tell me how to revert back. The 3.0 upgrade bricked my sharpen AI Completely non-functional now. Astonishing that Topaz would KNOW that the upgrade fails, and also prevents the program from working at all. I HOPE that I’m given some way to revert to previous version. If not forthcoming, there are other steps to be taken.

Terry in Iowa

Don’t post in multiple threads, see the other thread.

What type of image are you trying to process?

How is your interface “dumbed down” and did you read the release notes to see the changes?