Severe Memory Leak and other issues with VEAI

I have to restart my PC every 48 hours or so because running two instances of VEAI constantly results in completely running out of boot drive space (from 50GB down near 0) due to needing to set the page file to automatic to avoid VEAI crashes and to top it off both instances are near 8GB of memory each. I have 32GB of physical memory and this is what my resource allocation looks like at the moment:

I have quite a few other problems with this software:

  1. I am still on Studio Driver 462.59 because 471 driver branch causes my PC to black screen when waking the display while rendering with VEAI. I’ve tried three different versions of 471 and the problem persists.

  2. When changing the render resolution with batch processing in VEAI with all of the files checkboxes checked the resolution doesn’t apply to all of them at random, meaning I need to go to each one and change the resolution independently, happens frequently.

  3. VEAI refuses to do multiple files with different rendering programs. For example, say I have 6 files total, the first two I am using Artemis, and the last 4 Proteus, even with them all individually configured properly, when I start batch file processing whatever the first file’s program is will be used for all of the files from then on, irrespective of what I have the other files set to.

  1. You need to uninstall Nvidia driver completely. Then restart your PC and reinstall the studio driver again.
    2 and 3. When you check the video, they will all use the same settings when the settings changed. You need to uncheck the boxes in order to pick the settings for each video. Then when you hit Start, choose process all videos.
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