Setting shot by shot of completed fil

I haven’t seen this but I’m guessing it’s on Topaz’s radar, so I’ll propose my idea in the form of a question. How close are you to adjusting settings via a shot by shot analysis of an already edited finished video and tweaking those settings for each shot? Maybe via some sort of edit detection. I know it’s preferable to run footage to be edited into a sequence before the actual editing. This is a limitation though because it’s not always possible. I do a lot of found footage films with various quality degrees of footage used, everything from R3D Komodo footage to old vhs transfers found on youtube. I get pretty good results with Topaz in these cases as is but better results could be had, I think, if what I suggest was possible. Thanks!

That sounds like what Proteus Auto is supposed to do—minus being able to pick totally different models for each new scene. If that’s even what you’re asking.
Either way, I think scene detection would need to be completed before any such feature would be possible.

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I wasn’t suggesting picking totally different models for individual shots although that could be part of the capabilities. I’m suggesting being able to tweak the settings of whatever enhancement model one has chosen, be it Proteus/Iris etc, shot by shot via scene edit detection and in one pass. In other words, I’d like to be able to take a film I’ve edited that has source footage shot with a R3D Komodo, RC 5, Go Pro, combined with found footage downloaded from Youtube with differing resolutions and quality, bring it into Topaz and be able to vary the Enhancement settings according to the needs of each shot. So the Komodo footage would need different noise settings than the Go Pro and RC 5 footage. And the found footage would be a different beast itself. As far as Proteus capabilities of doing what I’m suggesting, this maybe so (I’ll run some test with that in mind). However, I generally don’t use Auto for example when I upscale in conjunction with Proteus or Iris. Or if I do it’s only as a way to preview the possibilities. Inevitably, I use manual estimates then tweak the results when I get things looking the best, on average, that I can with the parameters I have set. Then I go from there. Hope that makes sense. I didn’t sleep last night because I was editing. Yikes! Thanks for you comment!

Yeah that makes a lot more sense now.
Sadly, to get the best results, you would really need to get all those sources again and enhance them before compiling them into a single video.
Once they do add scene detection, this idea would be ultra useful—especially if the scene detection creates a bunch of sections that can have different settings and models. All while being fully editable by the user.

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Yes. You’re absolutely right about running the sources through Topaz before editing. Sometimes that’s a real pain though. :nauseated_face: Thanks again for your comments. Very much appreciated.