Setting keyframe number

Is there a way to set how many frames apart are keyframes in mp4 end video edited by Topaz video AI? It’s important because after processing I sometimes use lossless video editor to remove a part or rearrange video without additional resampling. That works only for selecting and manipulating parts inside two keyframes and if they are too far from each other there is a problem.

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I would recommend in your case to use the FFV1 lossless in TVAI, then use your external tool.
with the FFV1 you don’t have any issues with Key frames.


Thank you for you’re response, Akila!
I need a little bit more… So FFV1 is codec, right? I see FFV1 codec in Avidemux software but there is no lossless option. I’m looking for a way to edit Topaz Video end result.

FFV1 is lossless compression codec per-se. FFV1 is only lossless.
The same is true with UT Video, HuffYUV & FFvHuff / (FF)HuffYUV you might see in Avidemux. in Topaz Video AI FFV1 lossless compression is supported out of the box through the UI. the others if you wish using in Video AI, could be used through Topaz Video AI command line / CLI.
just stick with FFV1 and export it as AVI or MKV and it will be lossless compression and you can then edit your video at any external tool from any point of the video without an issue and also no quality loss.

Thank you for explanation!