Setting In and Out points

Hi there! Would LOVE the ability to set in/out points with the keyboard, instead of having to drag the little trim slider back and forth. Is that something that could be implemented?

Basically, would be the same as any standard video editing app (or even Quicktime player) – where you can scrub through the video clip. Pressing 'i" sets an in point, and “o” sets an out point. Then you can press trim to crop the timeline to that.

I’ve been finding dragging a range to trim to be a bit imprecise. Hope we can remedy this!

Hi Craig!

Setting in and out points is currently mapped to these keys:


I agree that “I” and “O” are generally the expected shortcuts so we might add those in the future. Thanks!

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Oh wow, thank you! I super appreciate it!


Hi. I set the In and Out points but the video always starts on the Out point.

Can you help?