Set to gpu but is using the Cpu

I just discovered that even though Photo A.I. is set to use the gpu, it is actually using the cpu. There are occasional fluctuations of gpu use, however no significant use. Meanwhile, lightroom is using the GPU just fine. So i know the ussue isnt my laptop.

MSI Stealth GS76
11th gen coe i9
64gb ddr4
Rtx3070 gpu

Steps to reproduce issue:

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Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Really ?
CPU = 13700K
GPU = 3070TI
Ram = 64 GB DDR5

Using HWINFO64 - I see GPU usage as well as CPU. It appears that newer version of TPAI use less CPU/GPU resources.

Much CPU use where as low GPU use with AI models come from bad coding and/or use of CUDA.
An opinion taken from a high end CUDA coder.
All of this should allmost run on a Celeron.

There’s the easy way of CUDA coding like a butcher, for poor performance and high end way which use all functions. There you’ll see 100% load and 100% VRAM use. And only some “bits” travelling on PCIE bus.

Yep…i think i will uninstall and then try a fresh install. All of these glitches are really bumming me out. I have no instabilities. I built super cooled high systems for folding proteins. So I known how to test for stability of a system.

I want to believe you. It is said here and there that the instability comes from our machines configured like rednecks.
Except that… my machines are ultra stable, under Cinebench, OCCT, Memtest etc, so good. the app. is a bug nest, but let’s hope they do what is necessary.

I agree 100%