'Select Faces' gets too easily confused

Subject selection is fine, but the actual ‘Select Faces’ doesn’t work properly. I have an image with one face, a very obvious single face, as it is a portrait of a head.

The software is picking up 2x faces for some reason, each ‘face’ centred around an individual eye.

There is no option (that I can see) to expand or select a face area manually. You can only select or deselect the predefined ‘faces’, which means I can’t process this photo at all.

Hi @craig.wright-9284, would you mind sharing the original image that you’re experiencing this on with us? If it’s under 65MB you can upload it to this thread here.

I had already upscaled this and wondered how it might turn out if I processed it again, to see if it cleared away any of the pixels.

Was just a test, but revealed the Select Faces issue I’ve described.


Original image attached.

Thanks @craig.wright-9284, I’ll mark this for our Photo AI specialist to review as soon as he can!

Thanks for sending the file over. It looks like Face Detection is detecting both eyes but the rest of the face is low quality and is not detected.

The Face Detection was trained on real human faces, so it’s possible that this face is not passing as a detected face.

We are currently working on a feature where you can manually select a face which should fix situations like this.

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Hi Lingyu,

That sounds like a good plan! A little more manual options would really improve things. Anyway, the face detection feature has been a real game changer so nice one overall!

Might there eventually be a hair detection tool also? I would say it seems like the second biggest thing on portraits that goes wrong. It would be good to have a feature where you could adjust parameters (like the end of hair strands) to improve it’s appearance, as it can (very) often look like plant roots rather than hair.


We will continue improving the Face Detection and Face Recovery model so the results are better without requiring a solution like that.

At the moment, I think a feature like this will be unlikely. We are building Topaz Photo AI to be a zero-click image quality solution.

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