Searchability of site

Its really hard to search or navigate and find an appropriate place to post an issue/request/problem.


From the front page you can access the pull-down list of categories and use that as a starting point. The listings are intuitive … for example if you choose Topaz Products then you can select from the relevant sub category.

Two points:
My screen doesn’t look like your screenshot. I’m not sure if this embedded screenshot is working:

Screenshot 2023-01-07 185142

Second. I can find the category list, but there are no separate categories for the products, everything is lumped under General Discussion

If you click on each category there are sub categories.

If you want it to look like my screen go to your preferences and change the Interface type to Latest, don’t forget to click on Save Changes.

Thanks, I see it just a theme difference.
I noted the sub-categories, I just think they could be more targeted. I’m a new Phoyo AI uer and am impressed with the product. Hopefully the forum will help me over the teething problems,
Thanks for your support.

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If you have a question the Devs and many knowledgeable users are available in the Product Releases section where the latest release for Photo AI is listed… just post in the thread.

Great, thanks!