Seal at beach

This edit was done using two of my photos. In Topaz Studio I used the healing brush on the beach photo to remove the person and her dog. I then used Color Theme to copy the colours from the beach image to that of the seal. Image adjustment layering was then used to create the composite.

Original photos

short (silent) video of the process

I then got a little more creative in Studio using Lens Effects, Impression and a couple of Studio presets.

another video


If I could give you more than one like on this post, you’d have it. Thank you for putting together these videos together, they’re a great tool.


Top notch work …


Terrific work Sharon. At this point way above my abilities. I’ll try to keep on keeping on :slight_smile:


I like the muted colors.


Terrific video work and image results… thank you for providing the info. I am learning many interesting techniques from you. I will bookmark this for reference… thank you!:+1:

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What everybody said !

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Fantastic work

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Love the first version - great videos too - tks for sharing your expertise

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Wonderful work, I really like the blue version!

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Stunning image, Sharon. I will watch your videos - thank you, because I cannot figure out how to make image layering work.


I’ve been able to get things through but it isn’t always easy because I don’t always get the results I expect. If the sequence I’ve used doesn’t produce what I expect…I try another. Really could use a tutorial spelling out the steps.


Excellent job.

I rarely end up where I expect when I start and can’t often reproduce the results I do get. I am tell myself that makes what I do art. :slight_smile: . Also it would be unusual for me to do things in the right way or even necessarily the right order. As long as I get to something I like at the end I am happy.

I think in Studio it takes a bit more pre-planning with the layers than when I use photofxlabs or GIMP. Using the apply function I think is important and it is good that sometimes masks can be transferred.

Thanks Sharon, you are a Legend. I watched the Honeyeater video as well as the Seal and I think I understand now. (I think.) I will have another go. One thing I haven’t done is use Apply. That seems to make a big difference in what I saw in your videos.

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As I understand it, and can be corrected if I’m wrong, the function of Apply is like merging layers.

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Elle, I am still not exactly sure. There needs to be more education from Topaz.

Apply, from my limited experience of testing is that when we make a change to a layer, you Apply and then the result is done. Then you move on to the next layer and merge.

I don’t know now - I thought I had it figured out and it did work, but I haven’t had time to test it since. Now I am confused again. It is certainly the most challenged I have been on any Topaz plugin I have Beta tested and that is not what we want. We want to be able to work this out and test it.

We certainly don’t want the release to the Public to be this challenged.


I agree, I just don’t understand the full functionality of Apply either. I wish Topaz would just have layers like in other host programs. I’m also still trying how to use the Image Layer adjustment correctly too? Maybe it’s just me or I’m to used to using layers in Photoshop and how they work with adding adjustments? For these reasons I use Studio more as a plugin from within PS so I have more control and a better understanding of what I’m doing?

I understand that beta testing is important, but knowing what things do from within Studio would help in understanding and testing it.

I have to agree with you, Some steps work out intuitively, others don’t. When I think I’ve got it down pat, I’ll run into something that sets me back. I’ve been able to turn out some decent results but not without a lot of doing and redoing in some cases. Tutorials are a must. I like seeing a video for an overview but I also like to see things in print that I can follow step by step. .