Seagulls of Peggys Cove

Seagulls fly in the skies of Peggys Cove on a sunny summer’s day.
Digital illustration I created on my computer using Photoshop, Topaz Impression & ArtRage 5.0.

Topaz Impression is incredible. Love it…


Excellent image

This is beautiful work, really love it !

Top notch work Ken …

Fantastic work. Just curious, how did you utilise ArtRage in this image?

ArtRage was used to Paint in all the seagulls except for the two large main ones. The two large ones are from photos merged via Photoshop into the scene on separate layers. Impression was run separately on the fishing village on it’s own layer. And Impression again separately on the two large gulls. I tried merging the fishing village and the gulls merged on one layer and one run of Impression but the gulls and fishing village became too muddled.