Sci-fi Woman and the Red Planet

Created this comp using several images, the idea started with the one of the woman & rock sculptures I shot at the local Art Center. I included the originals of them.
I also added the gargoyle dog from one of my images from the past and the Red planet was a file I have in my props folder.

I used Clarity on the women from Beta v1.2.3 and then made other adjustments from Studio v.1.1.9.
I added the stars, a rivet texture to the rock to make it look like a metal spaceship after converting the rock from color to B&W. I then added the smoke/fog look with a brush I just downloaded and made brush presets adjustments to get the look I wanted. I also made many PS adjustment layers and masks.

CC comments welcome.



very creative John … I am wondering if a slight orange/reddish tone across the entire image might bring the planet into the image more?

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Very interesting creation and looks like a lot of work. Excellent. Thanks for sharing.

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Wow! Creative for sure!

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Thanks @ShazzyCo… not sure what to use to apply the slight orange/red tone across the entire image? Can you explain how you would do that… or your welcome to download the image to show the result you mean… thanks for the input.

Thanks @Buckstop75 and @Michigander for the positive feedback, I appreciate them.
@Buckstop75… this did take a few days, but I usually work on an image like this on and off for an hour or so then I can review it with fresh eyes each time I work on it.

Excellent results John …

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Thank you very much Bob.

Very creative John …

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I was thinking something like this … I just used a light leak from texture … which I enlarged to cover more of the image, set blend mode to soft


great composite! It shines

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Great creation John. I think Sharon’s idea works very well, it adds inclusion to the rock

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Looks like you had a lot of fun with this! Love how you turned the rock into the tip of a spacecraft.

I think I see North America and South America in that planet.
(Perhaps this is 200 years in our future when global warming has really heated the planet up and we become the red planet.)

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great composite

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Wonderful ideas thank you for sharing

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Extremely creative, what a cool image! I really like your composite and the photoshop and processing work is great! I could also see a version where the women and dog are in the foreground and the other elements are in the background…

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Thanks @AiDon, @el48tel, @Ricci for your comments.

@ShazzyCo and @rasmus160 thank you both for your thoughts on the image and to @ShazzyCo for showing me about adding a color tone to the image, but I preferred showing more of the white area’s (without color tone) to emphasize the brightness of the bright white light on certain areas in the image. I guess I could add the color tone and just mask back in those areas? @ShazzyCo, I do appreciate your suggestion & the time for sharing your thoughts.

@KenKv, thanks for the positive input and your kind comments, I may come up with another version.

Thanks @Michael_DeLisio
It was very enjoying to work on this image… thanks. I hope global warming never gets this extreme.