Scene From a Wedding

Here is a shot I took from a wedding I was in last week (I am glad I wasn’t the wedding photographer - too much work :wink:)

I am really glad you brought back the “Keeping it Natural” category, @JoeFedric-TL, I think it was very fun and very inspiring category.

Processed with Topaz Clarity then Topaz DeNoise. Shot with a Canon 5D IV, 1/50 sec, f 4.0, ISO 640, no flash. Lens 24-70 mm @45 mm.



Cheers to your processing Ken :wine_glass:

Just the right touch!

Nice and natural processing - well done!

Nicely done …

Nicely done most certainly

I agree with everyone else… you applied just the right touch to enhance the image and keeping it natural.

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @ShazzyCo, @tennie, @Michael_DeLisio, @BobKramer and @el48tel, and @cre8art, appreciate them very much and they are very encouraging.

And I thought yours was funny, too, @ShazzyCo!

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Nice work. After a day of photographing a wedding I would think something stronger would be apropo.

What a difference when seen together.

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @fotoman and @ellemat2!

I drank the champaign after taking the shot - it did not go to waste :wink:

And I really like the new feature that shows the two images on top of each other - it shows changes, especially subtle ones very nicely.