Saving photos as 1x1 resolution instead of original resolution?

I have 1080x1080 images that are 72 dpi. I use Topaz to upscale to 3000x3000. When the file saves, instead of being 3000x3000 at 72dpi, I get a file that is 216000x216000 at 1x1. I can correct this with Photoshop, but is there a way to just save it as 3000x3000 at 72 dpi?

Go to the Preferences menu > Autopilot > Upscale & Resize > Set Output Size > Set Default Resolution There’s a text box where you can input your preferred DPI.

Thanks for responding.

When I go to Set Output Size, there is a Set Default Size, but nothing about resolution. I changed the default size to 3000px, but when I saved the image, I still got a file that is 216000x216000 at 1x1.

If you change the units from px to inches, you’ll be able to set the DPI.