Saving my raws in tiff instead of the original DNG makes my blacks all underexposed

The new update makes using the new gigapixel impossible. I can no longer use it. Exporting the photos in the new Tiff completely blacks out and underexposes my photos beyond repair in the blacks. With the preserve image to dng feature my programs still saw all the dynamic range my original raws held after processing. Now with the update all my photos have completely blacked out blacks, its now unusable. Please fix this. Otherwise i can no longer use the app. Here is a link with a screen shot showing what i mean. Please read the title for details. This proves my point with proof so this form cant just be dismissed. RAW photo vs New Tiff export damage to blacks - Google Drive

Would you be able to upload the original image to my Dropbox?

Let me know once it’s uploaded. I’d like to test this on my end.

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Uploaded thank you. So realistically even with gamma correction on in gigapixel, with my old files before the update removing dngs, When i pull up both the raw and the upscaled dng, the dng was naturally about a stop darker but it held all the dynamic range raw details in the blacks and shadows in the photo when you brighten the exposer all the details were still there. with the tiff files they come out like 3 stops darker and the blacks and shadows all have lost data and details of the textures and dynamic range that was originally there in the raw.

Thanks for sending me the images!

I was able to test and every option I tested (Gamma correction ON, Gamma correction OFF, and changing Preserve Input format to TIFF) and I reproduced the color shift every time.

What camera model did this come from?

Nikon D850

I will share this with my team. I appreciate your assistance on this.

It apears topaz is changing the program to not target professional photographers anymore and they want photographers to use photo Ai, the upscaling does work correctly like gigapixel used to i can say that. However the high fidelity v1 and v2 upscaling are slightly less clean than gigapixel still because the algorithms work slightly different between the two. They seem to want to move gigapixel into more mobile based and for lower quality images. I just hope they can at least further better tweak the upscaling method in photo AI and that they dont ever remove dngs from there.

That is correct.

Additionally, I’ve had our team look at this and it has been added into our system as an issue. However, this result was the same in Photo AI, too. The RAW file seems to look like your export if you just uploaded that into Photoshop until you change the camera matching.

If this is hindering your workflow, you can revert back to v7.0.3 in the meantime that allows for a DNG export.

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