Saving files from Denoise back to Lightroom

I upgraded recently from version 2.? to 3 (now 3.3.2) and the way Denoise returns files to Lightroom has changed somewhere along the way.

Lightroom always creates a TIFF copy on a raw file (I don’t have the choice) and Denoise saved that TIFF file after processing and the changes were immediately visible in LR. Now, the only option available is a “Save as” with a possibility of renaming the file (if you don’t, a (1), (2), etc. is appended to the original name) and a second copy of the RAW file, this time with the Denoise adjustments is created and NOT imported in the catalogue (I have to do it manually).

Sharpen AI does save by default (the apply button) and let you Save As from the menu.

Is there something that I do wrong, or is it an annoying automatic setting that cannot be changed.



You are aware of this thread , correct?

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I do have exact the same issue since the last Version. How can this be fixed? I want Topaz to send backt the Image as tif back to lightroom like it used to be.

Yes, I am now aware of the difference on how Denoise treats TIFF file from within LR. It took while to figure it out because by just clicking yes to the prompt to upgrade Denoise I was not made aware of the changes in work flow in the new version. I still don’t understand why Denoise would not save back the Tiff file directly back to LR (which is itself copy of the original RAW) instead of forcing us to synchronize the folder, delete the useless intermediate copy and restack the 2 photos.

I guess the RAW model is the favoured approach and this approach make sense in this case, but I cannot get it working. When Denoise converts my photos to DNG, they invariably turn to Magenta as reported several times by others. After a fresh reboot, I manage to get 2 or 3 RAW (from Nikon D7200) files to open correctly, but the others invariably turn magenta.

I will try to convert to DNG from Lightroom to see if it fixes the problem, but it won’t simplify the work flow.

I cannot upload the photos (I am not sure how other do it).

I have same issue…upgraded to new Topaz denoise and now when 1.I choose “edit in Topaz” in lightroom develop and 2. export the file to Topaz Denoise for editing and 3. Make denoise edits and then save back to Lightroom the saved file doesnt show up in lightroom because the file now has a (1) (2) appended to the lightroom file name !!! Why is it adding the (1) (2) (3) etc to the the lightroom file it saves so that lightroom then wont update the actual export file it has created in the thumbnail ???

WTF i buy today and make the Update, and than LR will not Work. That is not that what i would like to have.
Sorry thas Sucks so much that i have invest the Money to Beer, to have more Fun.
Very Bad, now i will look to go back to 3.2

Have you forgotten about the 30 day no-cost trial? I am amazed every time I see someone post and say “I purchased and now I find out the SW won’t work!”.

Yes i use the Trial but i don´t have update the Trial to 3.3 and use 3.2 and thats work fine. Than the 25% Dicound and i Buy, and the Update Notification for the Update is coming, update and than it will not Work fine as the 3.2. In Lightroom i need the denois version of the Pic into the Copy, not into the Folder.
Thats mean i send via LR to DN LR make a Copy, DN Save an new Pic in the Folder, so in need to Delete the Copy First, than i Sync the Folder, than i need to make the pic in Stable of the Original. Thats Stupid.
So i go Back to 3.2 and its fine…

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I agree! We have to search for this answer if in the future, tell us how to work around this. I hate having to synchronize - just another step added. Will other Topaz apps be like this with the next upgrade as well? Disappointed.

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I have LOVED the software and Sharpner as well. But this lates update to Denoise and NOT saving back to LR is a disappointment.

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In the DN 3,3 release notes (DeNoise 3.3) it is said:

## Important :

Latest installers:

Windows (v3.3.3): Online | Full
Mac (v3.3.3): Online | Full

Released October 8th, 2021

** Reverted Windows Lightroom template calling a shortcut file instead of the program directly.*
– The program should now determine external editor mode automatically.


When I installed v 3.3, I starting from scratch, deleting earlier version and downloading the full installer.
When it was finished, it prompted me to create a link on the desktop and a shortcut: I said yes for the second (rather inadvertently) and it created beside the installation program (I wish I put somewhere else). When it is there and launch DN as an ad-din, you will see to “Apply” button as in previous versions. If the shortcut is not there (I deleted it before remembering the above mention), it will only offer the SAVE (as) button as when launched as a stand alone application (which you must use if you want tu use the DNG model). I also loads much faster that way.

Don’t ask why, but give it a try.

I have the same problem. Denoise saves to a file that needs then to be imported into Lightroom. And, this leaves behind two copies of the photo. One made by Lightroom when it started Denoise and another when the Denoised photo was imported back into Lightroom.

Personally, I preferred the previous functionality where Denoise sent the photo back to Lightroom directly.

Hi Dominique,

I am not 100% certain that I understand your post. Could you please describe what you did more clearly? And, did it fix the problem of saving back to Lightroom?

I agree with Dominique, I don’t want to have to sync my files. Why does it work two versions ago and not now?


I guess I’ll add that I am disappointed with this update and with the addition of at least three additional clicks and two new processes just to synchronize my photos together. It worked seamlessly prior to 3.3.4 (updating from 2.X). I am downgrading but the last few updates have questioned my loyalty to Topaz. Besides being bug-ridden on the last few iterations where I’ve had to downgrade back to 2.X, I’ve had varying success with denoising because of algorithm changes.

My point is that I’m not wanting to synchronize files when the old process was fine. At least have an ability for it to override the existing .tiff file that LR creates as it did before.

Just upgraded to 3.3.3 and have the same frustrations as everyone above. This is just a royal pain for workflow and serious time waster. It’s so annoying and putting me off using it at all.

What is the procedure to revert to my previous version?