Saving Descriptive File Names

Has anyone ever requested, or even suggested, an upgrade to Topaz (awesome program, by the way) so that when you modify a photo/file, the program will automatically save the file with the actual name of the filter that was used, instead of having to manually enter in a modified descriptor for the file? It would save so much time. I also use a program called “Dynamic Auto-Painter PRO” that does exactly that…it saves the filename along with the filter that was used. Thanks for listening.


Yes I have, glad there is at least one other person who has the same suggestion.

I guess you are referring to Topaz Studio as the new AI programs do append a description of the program to the filename in one way or another. In fact, it is customizable in the preferences in a couple of them, or at least “sticky” in the Save section. For example, one tester requested the name denoise be added to all files processed by DeNoiseAI. For me, that is way too long but (thank goodness) I have the option to change it to my choice (DeN). I think it would be really difficult to find something that works for everyone.

If you were referring to Topaz Studio, many of us use multiple Adjustments, Presets and Effects and IMHO I think it would be near impossible for the program to figure out how to append the filename.

However, I certainly wouldn’t mind a “Notes” section which would live in the metadata of the file where I could note which Effects, Adjustments or Plugins I used :slight_smile:


True. “Notes” or anything similar would be helpful.

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