Save as in Studio 2

In Ts1 I liked to ‘save as ‘ each step filter etc I made to a folder for that image and can title the folder with all my steps and. Notes but I don’t have this option in Ts2. Should it be there. I don’t want to uses the save project as to just go on with next time as even though my layers listed in Ts2 does not give me the details I want, is there anyway of doing save as I Ts2. Ido print screen a bit but thats a bit of a ‘fag’. I did have a problem before wit no export option in Ts2 as stand alone if I drag image to bottom tool bar but ok if I open an image so I only open images no dragging.

You will need to open the image through the File menu as dragging onto the application icon will open in ‘plugin’ mode for working directly on the image.

Opening through the File menu gives access to the File-> Export menu and, as you said, dragging onto the application icon only gives access to Save as Project which means you can restart at any time.