"Save As" feature for presets

When loading a preset and making adjustments, I have only been able to save those changes to the currently loaded preset. It would be nice to have a feature to “save as” and create a new preset instead. This way one can load a preset, adjust it, and then create a new preset instead of wiping out the original one. If I’m wrong and this feature exists, then it’s not obvious and the UX could use an update to make it so. Thank you kindly.

I think you can just select ‘create new preset’ after you make changes to the current one and it will be saved as a new preset. Your old one will still be there unchanged.

If I understand you correctly, all you need to do is change the title of your preset by 1 character and save it as a new preset. In doing so you can have any variation of a preset, as many versions as you like. For example: 4k 1, 4k 22, 4k 100.


Thank you for the responses folks. This is where I am confused. When I select a video, the presets view is in the top right. If I select a preset it loads. Now in the presets window, I only have four options:

  1. Reset preset state
  2. Delete preset
  3. Save preset
  4. Select preset from drop down

The only relevant option is the Save preset option and when I select that it will update and overwrite the currently selected preset (the description also clearly describes this action). There is no option to ‘create new preset’ or any way to edit the name and change a letter.

However, there is a cumbersome workaround I figured out. I can select a preset, modify it, then using the preset drop down box select “None”. This seems to preserve my changes. At that point I can add a new preset.

But like I said in my original post, this is not obvious and the product would benefit from a better, easier, and obvious way to do this.

Based on both your answers I have a feeling that we’re either on different versions or there is some misunderstanding here, although I have updated to the latest version recently. Thanks again.

Which version of the app are you using? In v3.4, you can edit the current filter py using the + icon

I was using 3.3.9. I just upgraded to 3.4.0 and now the + icon for add preset appears even after I load a profile! This was not happening before I updated to this version. So this is not an issue for me anymore. Did the team just add this feature or am I just going crazy? Thanks!

I think there was a bug the last couple of versions with the presets so you weren’t imagining things.

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